Reset a lattice to original shape?

Hi all,

I did a search for this but couldn’t come up with a post addressing it:

I created a lattice and parented an object to it, moved the lattice vertices around etc., etc. Saved, quit, came back to it and now I want to reset the lattice to as it was when I first added it; i.e., before I started moving vertices around on it. I cannot find anything anywhere that gives the option to “reset” the lattice or something like that. Any ideas?

The reason is I want to swap out the object without losing my deform but I’d have to line up the two objects with each other to ensure the lattice deforms the new object in the same way…make sense?

Sure, I can spend the time to manually put everything back, but I’m asking first before I take the time to do that.

Of course, I may not be thinking this through clearly so I’m open to ideas.

Thanks in advance

Next time use shapekeys with your lattice so you can always go back to your base shape.

I find it easier to simply delete it and add again; also can duplicate it before you start tweaking.

Thanks for the replies… I just read up on shape keys; shoulda woulda coulda. Ah well, the life of a noob.

btw, nice work on your site Richard.

I am in blender 2.9, and the solution is: enter edit mode on the lattice, Lattice>Make Regular