'Reset' armature to rest position

Is it possible to reset a posed armature back to the original rest pose position. I have a dragon with a rig and i cant find any ipo related data to the pose its now in. Rest position still displays as it should. I get the feeling i’m missing something really silly. I cant seem to drag the rig bak to the rest position as there’s this horrible twisting that occurs in the tail. This is the first rig i’ve built so it’s not the tidiest.

press F9, it’s on the menu, restposision. if you want to make a new movement starting from their, just insert a key frame.

If you trying to move your model accross your scene and its deforming, make sure youve select all it parts in object mode then drag.

When I want to do this, I select all bones and clear their rotation (alt+r)

Select all bones in pose mode, Alt-R, Alt-S, Alt-G. That should get you there.