Reset basepoint

I´m getting familar with blender :slight_smile:
But I have another question. How to reset the pivotpoint of an object?
My transform pivotpoint of the head is located at 0,0,0. How do I reset this point to the center of the head?
Thanks in advance.
Wish you a merry christmas.

If you mean reseting object center go to:

Blender 2.5: Object(in the buttons of the 3D view panel) -> Transform -> Origin to 3D cursor (place the cursor where you want your center BEFORE doing this)

Blender 2.49 or less: Object -> Transform -> Center Cursor (or something like that)

Happy blending!

to rotate an object you have five pivot options:
active, individual, 3d cursor, etc. - select the one you want.
for example if you selected “active vert/edge/face”, then enter edit mode (F9), and select all vertices. then holding shift down, click on the vertice you want to use as a rotation pivot/ by clicking you deselect that, then click again and it will become the pivot of rotation.