Reset chariot.

I was wondering about a problem that I have been facing for long:

I am currently working on a chariot racing game. But, can anyone suggest a way to automatically reset the chariot if it gets toppled over?

Give it an IPO in ROT (only in one dimension so it can turn) and if it topples over make it play the IPO, (you can do this with an empty parented to the chariot and a near sensor to detect the ground.)

Well Dakka Dakka, thanks very much for dropping in. But, the chariot can topple in basically 3 different ways-2 sideways(90 degrees) and a full 180 degrees topple. Can it be solved by the technique suggested by you by adding 3 empties (each empty to detect the particular way the chariot has toppled)?

It could, or you could just make a certain key rotate the chariot. Then you wouldn’t need empties, or IPOs, just a motion actuator.