Reset Distance for multiple objects with Limit Distance constraint - ALT+Click the X not working

Could someone help me resetting multiple object’s limit distance constraint’s “Reset Distance” setting?
I tried ALT+Click the X but it only does it for the active object, not multiple (i think it should work tho…).

I found a script that work to reset bones length for a Stretch To constraint but I don’t find one for Limit Distance

> bone_count = 0
> for b in bpy.context.active_object.pose.bones:
>     for c in b.constraints:
>         if c.type == "STRETCH_TO":
>             c.rest_length = 0
>             bone_count += 1

I was guessing resetting the Limit Distance one would look the same, like replacing bone_count by object_count or something and of course the constraint name… But i guess it’s not that simple.

Idk anything bout Python, this one works for bones and stretch to but i need one for empty object and limit distance

Here are some other stuff i would like to do:

  • Select and Delete specified constraints for multiple selected objects
  • Select and Delete specified constraints for multiple selected bones
  • ALT+Clic “Set Inverse” on Child Of constraint for multiple objects.