Reset linked objects position to scene center

I built a blend file containing several trees. To see them side by side I moved them out of the center of this source-file.
When placing them into the target-.blend file using linked objets/proxies the object-position differs from the representing empty. Is there a way to skip the object-position of the source-file without making the trees local? I tried to spread them in the source-file using parent to empties. Strangely testing this seemed one time to work, but I now cannot reproduce this. … Getting a bit confused.


I tryed to link the tree as a Group. I see now it works when the cursor is centered while execute the linking. Is it possible to reset that position for a formerly linked group similar to reset origin?

It generally seems to work when linking the Object and making it proxy. But I get strange behaviours if this object is also linked as a group. Is it better to always link groups and not the object itself?

When making the linked group proxy I get a duplicate and have to delete the original. Is that right? Why?

But what seems to work:
Adding object to a group. Parenting the object to an empty. This has to happen in the scene-center, otherwise execute alt-g (clear location) and alt-o (clear origin) [alt-o alone doesn’t work]. The empty can now be moved in the source scene. Linking in the targetscene will work without offset.
Comments to this solution and the questions above welcome, as I’m not to sure about that all!

Menu > Object > Make proxy…