reset of local coordinates?

(inka) #1

Hi !
I have a little problem with my 3D cursor within my test environment. If I start the realtime engine, and just move ahead with the camera, the cursor in front of it gets reset, and disappears. :-? I’m not sure where to look for a solution. The cursor ist still there, you just must move the cursor forward only and it comes from behind again.

This doesn’t happen always, moving around a bit without directly going ahead will keep the cursor always in front of you, like expected. To produce the failure, it just is easiest to go directly forward.

The cursor is bound to an empty and I suppose there’s something strange with the local coordinates.

You find my current .blend file here:


(saluk) #2

Hmm, if you have any objects you can select, try selecting one, pressing shift-s, and clicking on cursor->selected. I’ve had this problem before too, usually when I create a new scene, but I usually just revert to the last save :confused:

(inka) #3

if you have any objects you can select

What do you mean with any objects to select? Maybe the empty the cursor is parented with? Or the cursor itself? Within realtime I can’t select anything now, but would be nice to as well. :wink:

usually just revert to the last save

Oh, the problem is there quite some time, but it seemed not important. So all savings probably have the problem. :-?