Reset pose that not the reset pose button

Okay so i just finished making my wolf model and rigging the bones now im gonna be making the animations for the wolf (Warning: as you read this, it may seem hard to understand, i could not really put it into words properly, sorry)
but i worried it wont go as planned, by that i mean, i think im going to have a problem with the poses, and by that i mean when i make a pose and finish it, now ready for the next one, i want the armature to be reset to the way i modeled it like i never made a pose before,in other words i want it be as if i clicked the reset pose button, but i know that when i have the reset pose button selected i can’t move the bones and then when i unselect it i goes back to what ever i had it before.

SO if you understood anything i just said there, basicly what i looking for it a reset pose button thats not the reset pose button, if that makes any sense, any help will be greatly appreciated

Thank You,

PS: Don’t say i didn’t warn you:)

Clear pose transforms?

WOW!!! i’m a total noob, Thanks dude:D:eyebrowlift2::):yes::p:spin: