Reset Scene dont reset the players child-objects

The main-playerobject is a cylinder, with collision. I attached a camera(fps-style) and a empty to spawn projectiles that I shoot with.
Everything works great until I hit “reset scene” from R-key with logicbricks.

The playerobject, objects I moved around reset successfully. But the players camera and empty(projectiles spawner) dont reset. Its still parented with player, but in totally wrong position,its from that position just before I reset the scene.

I’m not quite sure why your ‘scene restart’ isn’t working, but there is a alternate way to restart your blend file with logic-bricks - the ‘game’ actuator.

You might ask what’s the differences are from the 2 actuators.

  • The scene actuator restarts the scene that the actuator is currently on.
  • The game actuator restarts the whole blend file that was taken into RAM at run-time.

So basically scene restart is a local restart, while the game restart is a global restart.

sounds like a bug, what version of Blender/UPBGE are you using ?

Just stabbing in the dark here, but could it be that you’re still viewing from the old camera position and not set camera to the ‘new’ reset player?

You got it right… Its the old camera-position. Anyhow to fix that, so the camera resets with the player-object?

I run the 0.3 UPBGE-version

On the camera object, you could try an Always sensor (with pulsing OFF) that sets the active camera to itself.

Tried that, its make do no diffrent… also, other childobject on the scene that had parent who moved from original position is also glitched.

Unfortunately, it sounds like a bug.

You could try and work around it by removing your game scene and re-adding it instead.