Reseting object x y z coordinates

Ok so i know many people have gone through this,

I’m trying to make an animation and some objects move back to a previous set position.

i know what is going on, the program has a window showing numbers showing a difference of it’s original position (example X: -1,000 Y: 0.500 Z:0.000)

Now sometimes the program will reset some objects to make the x,y,z coordinates to 0.
i know you can make the program set new coordinates replacing the old coordinates, but i forgot how to do it.

(p.s. i would prefer the menu select way, usually i want to keep my shortcut keys minimum.)makes it less comfusing. also the keyframe way dosn’t cut it, the object still moves even if you set the 1st keframe.) :spin:

I > Loc / Object > Insert Keyframe > Loc.

no that sets the position for that frame, at least one axsis will still not be 0

apply loc then rot then scale (object button 3d window)