Reseting the rig?

Hey there, I have a model that I riged, and I moved the bones around in to poses and things like that, but now I don’t know how to reset it into starting postion, any ideas?

I believe it’s alt+r (rotation) alt+ g(grab[move]) and alt+s (scale) to reset each one.

Alternatively, you can use a pose library to switch between poses.

If you look for the rest or starting pose shortcut

W -> reset user transformations

This can give unxepected poses in some version of Blender if you have bad IK solver. Or you can set the rest pose from the menu in the pose mode and get back to that.

Sorry Lord M I tried pressing “W” but there was no option for resetting the user transformations. Could you expand your answer further. Thanks :slight_smile:

The Daemon, Ok, I selected each bone and tried the alt+r (rotation) alt+ g(grab[move]) and alt+s (scale) to reset each one. Very time consuming. Is there a way to reset rotate, move and scale back to “0” with a simple step?

Hi Paint Guy,

In Pose mode, if you have any bones selected (they will be highlighted in blue), press the A-key to deselect them. Then press the A-key again, this will select all the bones. Then Alt-R, Alt-G, Alt-S to clear rotation, location, and scale. If you have keys for the bones set in the action editor, this will not set new keys.


I did it the really long way, I pulled up the transform menu and reset each one by deleting the rotation. Try that and see if the daemon’s way is harder, lol

alt-r -s -g resets rotation, scaling and location for the selected bones only.
just select all and press alt-r -s -g and you’re done. I prefer to store each
pose, face expression and mouth shape in a pose lib. don’t forget to
create bone groups which makes life MUCH easier when working in the
action editor!

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maybe you’ll have a look at my screen cap showing the
idea of using bone groups and a pose library at:

feel free to ask :slight_smile:

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Serum that is very interesting to watch, is there any naration, I don’t hear any sound. Would you please write out a brief tut on this - eg, how do you set diffferent colors to each bone group? What is the best way to use a pose library?

Great vids

there is no sound yet because I just stepped through the pose lib showing the individual
poses of the armature. my pose lib is not finished so I don’t need any sound yet.

now here’s my short description of how to deal with bone groups and pose libs.
to keep things easier I give a screen shot of the tantalizing part of the GUI:

with your armature selected you see the depicted menu in your edit buttons window.
under ‘link and materials’ you see both pose lib and bone groups. I assume you are
in pose mode for the remaining description:

first things first: do not apply bone colors unless your armature is completely finished!
as far as I understand you cannot change the colors after you selected them once for
a particular group. (or tell me something different :wink: )

thus, all your bones are named (left-right convention, etc.), they have bone shapes (if
you like them) and the armature is completely done.

now, add a new bone group (drop-down menu -> ‘add new’) and assign a color to this
new bone group. give it a meaningful name and select the bones which should belong
to this group. press CTRL-G and ‘add selected to active group’ - boom - you have a
colored bone group.

you can see this group colored in the action editor when you activate ‘use group colors’
in the action editor’s view menu. pretty neat when you work with the action editor and
it makes it easy to select the bone groups.

now for the pose library thingie:
generally speaking, a pose lib is nothing more than an ‘automated action’, i.e. each pose
of the pose lib is represented by key frames in the action editor and each pose lib is a
separate action inside the action editor. each pose lib pose is flagged by a marker in the
action editor.

now, let’s see how to set up the pose lib:
add a new pose lib by clicking the drop-down menu and choose ‘add new’. give it a name.
you can see in the action editor that there is a new action having the name you gave to
the pose lib. now you can adjust your armature to the desired pose. make sure that you
select all the bones you want to have in that pose.

you can also add poses to the lib which do not contain all bones so you can have poses
only for the face, body, etc. add the new pose to the pose lib by pressing SHIFT-L. now you
should see key frames for that pose in the action editor and - boom - you’re done.

you can browse all your poses by pressing CTRL-L in the viewport and then moving the
mouse wheel. select the pose with LMB. you can also filter the poses by typing letters.
this is very handsome if you use meaningful names for your poses. you can also browse
the poses by selecting the according frame number in the action editor, thus, you can
treat the poses exactly the same as any other action in the action editor.

I often use the following approach:
I have only one pose lib called ‘PoseLib’. in that PoseLib I have different poses for
different purposes:

all poses for only the body are called ‘P_<punchy name>’. (P_ for pose)
all poses for only face expressions are called ‘E_<punchy name>’. (E_ for expression)
all poses for only mouth shapes are called ‘L_<punchy name>’: (L_ for lip sync)

I hope that this is helpful for at least one of you :slight_smile:
feel free to ask questions and/or give comments/suggestions/additions/etc.

best regards,

Thank you!