Resetting rig in Pose mode

I found several people asking this question and several answers. None of which worked for me.

I’m rigging a character using mancandy rig in Blender 2.46 Brought in the rig, moved bones around in edit to match the mesh. Now when I go to pose mode the rig jumps. Many bones try to go back to some preedit positions.

I tried selecting all bones in pose, Alt-R, Alt-g, Alt-s. Also tried “Relax Pose” and “Clear user Transform” Nothing changed. There appears to be a fixed difference between edit and pose positions.

Does anyone have an idea how to reset this pose position to edit position?
Thanks, John

First, Edit mode:

Follwed by Pose mode:

Use edit mode for this. Pose mode only poses your character and don’t make any changes in the rig. Fit the armature to the mesh in edit mode then aply scale, rotation and position.

Looks like all this movement when going from edit to pose is due to these stretchy bones. They don’t work right after moving them around to fit the mesh. The bone that stetches can be seen in the second picture: it is longer than the distance to the target.

I’ve been reading posts on bone rolls and there is a lot of info there. I’ll see if I can fix the bones that are moving.