Resetting the numerical properties.

If i have an object, say a cube. When i create it and i press the n-key to view its numerical properties all the values are set to the initial value, rotation 0, scale is set to 1 etc. When I translate/rotate or scale the object, the numerical values are changed.

Is there a way to reset the numerical values without resetting the translation/rotaction/scaling? So that my object is transformed, but it doesn’t show in the numerical properties.

I want to do this, because i want to use the blender->DTS exporter. I suspect there is a bug in the exporter related to this question.

Select the object and then press ctrl-a (apply size and rotation). If you also need the location set to zero press Alt-g – note that this moves the object to 0,0,0

The above are also available in the object menu on the 3d window header.


Ctrl-A does the trick.
I’ll post my findings on the torque board a lot of torque users will be very happy. Hopefully in the future blender will be the number one modeller for the torque engine.