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Hi everyone !
I hope everybody is fine with this f***ing pandemy !
Here my second work with Blender 2.8x to complete a little my portfolio and to practice exterior rendering that is not my speciality. Buildings reference from Woodside project by Morphogenesis.

I use to work with Blender 2.79 and Yafaray, Corona or Cycles but I didn’t get the time to really try the 2.8 series.
I modelled all the buildings and the well, trees and grass are from Botaniq and Scatter ( really love it, thx to Polygoniq and BD3D for those amazing addons :slight_smile: ), car is from Chocofur.
I made it in 2 days during trying addons, rendering was fast enough with my 2 GTX 1060 :slight_smile: ( around 30mn and denoising for 2250 x 1350px).
Hope your like.
Take care of you and keep safe :muscle:


I would like to try to make it with Eevee, any tricks to convert it ? Is there anybody who get good results for exterior rendering ?

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

Hi Bartv !
Thank you very much, that’s nice :slight_smile: Stay safe too !

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