Resident Evil, T-Virus

(scrappy) #1

i bought the resident evil dvd, and it gave me the idea to model the virus tubes that contain the T-Virus in the movie, i also tried to fake caustics( didn’t work to well) :wink:

(pofo) #2

Looks pretty good.

Look at this , it’s PILER’s winning entry for the second weekend challenge.

  1. pofo

(scrappy) #3

wow, i wasn’t even aware the he also made this, but the ends on his are wrong, they look more like the way i made them, but it is still nice.

(PILER) #4


lol… j/k its looking nice
i also made an unexploded t-virues if u wanna c it :wink: i really made it to test out the z-blur plugin

(scrappy) #5

here is another view i added a background and tweaked the textures a little, also attempted to use zblur plugin but i can get it to just blur parts of the scene, it blurs the whold image, im using the ipo’s to set it, i may be doing somthing wrong…but i just blurred in photoshop. :slight_smile: