Resident evil type game (Chaos Emergency)

Game title - “TBA”
Genre - “Survival Horror”
Episodes - 1st of 4 episodes
Release Date - “TBA”
Created by - Chaos
Voice actors - Matthew Singer, Olivia Steele

I thought i would carry on where chaos emergency left off, this female character definitely
needs her own space in a new game. That being said, with what i learnt so far, i will apply into this game.

Footsteps, facial animation coming soon.
All textures, models are original made by me.

You can watch 1080p 60fps

A quick talk of what i`m working on currently.

This looks fantastic! Great work as always sir! Are you using any IK rigs on your armature? at first I was resilient to use them, but ive found once they are setup smooth animations are easy to make

It looks soooo gooood.

I never use them :slight_smile: I only use one IK bone, that`s for my aiming system :slight_smile:
Cheers for kind words.

Thank you mate :slight_smile:

wow… amazing… but i think that so hard to controll the character :eyebrowlift2: haha

At the moment yes. Don`t get me wrong you can walk forward and backwards smooth, but turning i need to
make a faster and also add a quick turn :slight_smile:

New video added above.

I would suggest toning down the animation. The pushing forward of the chest is a little to obvious, maybe add some slight neck/head movement to imply breathing? The current animation makes it look as though the character is having breathing problems.

Shes in the sewer lmao, the idle animation changes on environment.

yeah, she looks like a xenomorph may burst from her chest


may want to tone it down a bit.

I will, i will make it different.

Okay as thatimster and bpr pointed out, the idle animation needs work.
I will get on it soon as i can. I recently got a female voice actor on board, so i got loads
of various speeches to work on. You guys going to love it :slight_smile:

great work, the character modelling and environments are awesome love the sewer… this game is shaping up very nicely right from the start. keep it up

Yeah that animation is pretty chesty lol. Me too i love how the sewer is coming along.
I need to add some rats, leaking pipes and some light fixtures.

I will be working on some more speech animation, as i got more vocals from the voice talent :slight_smile:

Amazing just amazing! Hope to see more update of this, please continue on this one.

Thank you. Im taking what i learnt from previous games and putting it into practice with this game. Yes!! please stayed tuned, lets make blender proud :slight_smile:

Wow looks great, very professional! Only critique would be the transition between aiming and walking around.

I tried doing that, but there is a problem with it.
When you transition between walking and aiming and you aim, the aim will be slightly off due to bone
transformations. I been trying to fix this problem for nearly a year, i can`t find a work around :frowning:
So snapping into aiming is only option i found so far :slight_smile:

In other words, when i aim it activates a IK setup with the aim animation, so if the bone
for the ik was slightly off, it would aim in a different direction, very tedious stuff.

Nice work! I like Resident Evil series, my favourite games. I wish you reach the same level of storyline, mind folding and fun when shooting zombies:D

Very nice. The animations are really good!