Resident evil type game (Chaos Emergency)

the answer is to interpolate between two IK targets,

if IK1.enforce>=.01:
if IK2.enforce<=.99:

so this will take 100 frames to swap ik constraint targets

Thanks BPR, but when it comes to code i suck :slight_smile:

I hope the story telling is on par, but its not hard telling a story of some one wanting to escape a town like racoon city with a bio company behind it :) i just gotta add my own twist. Im actually looking for people
to help with the script, so PM me if anybody interested :slight_smile:

I actually have had a survival horror idea cooking for a long time

A secret gov research center makes a super computer that is used to build DNA (virtually) and see the creature form in the virtual world, if they like what they see they build the dna, and then inject it in some type of egg, and form the critter.

So the machine becomes self aware, and then creates the dna to make a body, and injects it into a egg, the body then absorbs the electronics/super computer, and storms off into the sunset … to your sleepy little town.

the idea was to randomly generate the town, except some pieces must be present (like a police station, walmart etc)

and the player builds items from pieces to survive, and can make weapons etc.

ok so this python runs in the hitBox

if 'Armature' not in own:
    for child in own.children: 
        if 'ArmatureTag' in child:

IK1 = own['Armature'].constraints['IK_Name1']
Ik2 = own['Armatiure'].constraints['IK_Name2']

You just add the property ‘ArmatureTag’ in the armature, so the code can find it :smiley:

when you are setting up your IK, there is a name there, that is all you need to target the constraint
after you have the armature

This looks great, and sorry if this has been asked before because I just skimmed the comments but, dang, how many projects are you working on. Your other game and this one looks good as well. Arent you that Maseratzi guy too? (I cant get the spelling right is why I cant find it)

He changed his nick name Super, it is the same person.

I am. I changed it last year as i used maseratzi as quick name ‘don`t ask’ lol

Actually this is a difficult question. I have two projects “Tac E” and “Chaos E”
Tac E being the metal gear type, Chaos E being the Resident evil type.
I have noticed more people are wanting the resident evil type, from private messages
and people on this board and on facebook.

I wish i could make 2 :slight_smile: but time is limited and what is looking the most promising i`m going with that.

I used to feel guilty for abandoning projects, but Ive found its best not to fight it, let your creative energy flow where it wants too and you will get results you are happiest with. I dont think you should be afraid of python, seriously man a little bit of python can take you so much farther! and its so easy to learn! especially with this amazing community to back you up! I think this is looking freaking amazing and i cant wait to see what you do with it

Yeah i do feel guilty. I just gotta keep moving a indie artist :slight_smile:
I`m trying to learn python, but like you said go where your creativity is :slight_smile:

Woah, that looks great! How did you manage to make such a good character by hand? Did you follow a guide or tutorial? Great job on the animations, too. It’s very impressive, and you used FK for everything!

that is great!! i want to throw it in the face of people who are like, ‘can bge even do anything’

That`s the plan for this game. To say look what bge can do!!

I been using blender over 4 years now, just trial and error.
Download a free model of your favourite character, look at how its made model around it, get a feel of doing this and how its uv un wrapped etc.

Texturing is the same really, take the lips for example, look for some pictures
find something you like, then extract there lips and blend it into your character
texture. I might make a tutorial on it in the future if people are interested :slight_smile:

Hello Chaos,
I have not seen any update from you lately. Are you still working on your project? These is really a project that I would love to see it complete.

Thank you ludovic. Im taking a few weeks break to not blow myself out, i have done a ton of work and cant wait too show it.
Keep an eye on this project :slight_smile: it`s not going nowhere trust me :slight_smile:

Wow man you have all my respect!!!

Excellent work on yr game man especially the facial animations
wow. Its a perfect job so far !!!

Hello Chaos,
Thanks for your reply. Can’t wait to see what you have done :).

New video coming tonight :slight_smile:

I`m working on stairs, so it might look weird, any help on the stairs i welcome after you watched the video.
More zombies coming soon as well, if anybody would like to donate; Props, buildings, zombies, weapons etc
feel free to send them too me, you will be credited. If anybody is interested in joining the project feel free
too contact me.

The game will be heading too steam if i get the green light, but that is up too you guys :slight_smile:
Be aware that this is not the final version of the game, everything i`m showing is just demonstration of gameplay
so far. More mechanics will be added, she can also climb on top of things as well.

Upload is 25% :slight_smile:

Enjoy, like comment subscribe.

Nice video, brilliant your project and keep it up !

Amazing work Chaos, are you coding this?

Very nice texturing!

I did a bit of coding on the health system for the bullets, but not much as i suck at python and need
to learn more BPR. I wish i had your skills in that department :slight_smile: