Resident Insmonia(updated)

(blengine) #1

guess who?
first time in a while i posted something not done, but id like to get some feedback on how this looks?
it was gonna be for the destruction weekend challenge but i didnt wanna rush it and turned it into a big project =)

i shrunk her nose length down, thanks dickie! shes looking alot better now =)
oh, added more freckles, more haior strands, a stitch liine in the hat, played with her eyebrows a bit, and lastly, made her eyelashes thicker, yay


(BgDM) #2

Very nice Chris! The hat just needs a some colour and a little bit of texturing. The hair is awesome. How did you make it? Please explain!!! I love your style with your characters. This is by for the best I have seen from you, though I am sure there are others that we have not seen.

Waiting to see more.


(pofo) #3

Pretty damn good.

There is that little shadow by the nose and the eyebrows look like they’re just growing back after being shaved off.

Can’t wait to see this finnished

  1. pofo

(blengine) #4

i updated her, definitely thanks for your suggestions… i textured the hat, new eyebrows, eyelashes(though not tooo noticeable, i think they bring out the pic alot more), i managed to get some shadow off the side of the nose, added more hair strands, added a freckle or two,and moved her hat down… hmm, i think i managed to get rid of the “not quite right” look… cool! thanks guys
what do u think so far now?

for the hair…well, bgdm, theres no real method to it that i could explain clearly…i made a circle and exturded it for one strand, duplicated about 50 times, then edited em, grouped em, added some sway affect with prop vert editing, duplicated more, shaped up, chaos but came out good =)

(rixtr66) #5

damn you,…damn you …get your hands off me you damn dirty stinking ape,…ooops,youve come a lonnnnng way.your texturing and lighting have become phenominal!how do you do it?i for one am not ashamed to admit i have become lax due to lack of time and tools.
and i am jealous of your abilities! how bout some tutes? or e mail me some tips.i have psp and gimp but photoshop is probably better for textures.alas thats out of my reach. anyway keep em coming,i love your work!

rixtr :o

(pofo) #6

Great! That’s much better

Would a seam along the lower edge of the hat be too much? I think it would look good.

How do you keep pouring out this kind of stuff? I think I see at least two or three of your posts every week that make me think ‘That’d take me a month’.

Keep it up
8) pofo

(blengine) #7

rixtr, i emailed ya! =)

pofo, no, a seam would not be too much to ask =)

How do you keep pouring out this kind of stuff? I think I see at least two or three of your posts every week that make me think ‘That’d take me a month’.

i know im sorry ive been lacking :wink:
hehe, well, i think it all comes down to method, i have an awesome method for creating things, especially organics…

shorter version of method = draw front and side profile, shape them to match head contours, draw and face main areas of head(lips, eyebrows, eyesockets, nose), then fill in the rest with contours and face it all =)

im making a video tute on character modeling thatll be done by this weekend hopefully, woo! so check my site every now and again

(pofo) #8

Aha, that sounds somewhat faster than my method:
Always start with a square, extrude…

  1. pofo

(BgDM) #9

Well, if Nayman can have a “Hate List 2002”, then so can I. You my friend are number one on the list. :wink:

Awesome work man. As I already said, I love your style. Thanks for the explanation on the hair. Sounds like its a pain, but a manageable one.

Can’t wait to see the rest of this one.


(dickie) #10

i love the ambient soft feel she has

(ScottishPig) #11

Speachlessness becomes me.

(Paul_C) #12

:stuck_out_tongue: They’ve said before, now I’ll say it again: I want your baby. No, that wasn’t it: I love the hair! (Yes, that’s more accurate… go back, re read… yep) I can’t wait for a tute. I am look for similar hair for a female character. It looks as if you’ve just used the texture mapping technique from previously posted tutorials, but even then, the amount of meshes (?? Only guessing here) you’ve added appear to be a lot. Oh, and the cap: great way to disguise the origins of the hair. Is making me rethink female character design.

(rivenwanderer) #13

Looks good, but the eyebrows still aren’t right… they should be softer, closer to her hair color, and thinner and more tapering in the hair {less chopped off looking} Love the lighting :slight_smile:

(blengine) #14

leave it to a girl to see fault in the eyebrows :wink:
haha im just kidding…im still p;aying with them…dammit, with a guy it dont matter what they look like lol…huff.
thanks fer the comments guys! =))))))
yeah, the cap is a good coverup (hehehe)…

::waits for thunderstorm before he can sleep::

(dickie) #15

she really has tons going for her man.
i think i would just underline making the eybrows softer, more random.

(Nayman) #16

she is freaking hot

wouldn’t mind undressing her, and seeing her soft body dynamics!


(gotta get my metaballs working)

(eeshlo) #17

Is that Jill Valentine from the first Resident Evil? Looks great, it is quite amazing how fast you can work and produce such consistent great results…

(blengine) #18

hahaha, shes kind of hot =) shes the first girl i made that i thought was the least bit pretty, yay… hmmm, well right now, the only think for her to undress is her hat, and shes bald under there :wink: but thats hot…

yeah thats jilly from res 1, with the cool gear =) shes on hold fer a while cause i wanna do a few side projects and finish my game first =)
i was actually thinking about an animation, ive been working with anims alot lately, and am looking for a big project to do 8)
anyways, thanks fer the comments :smiley:

(gargola) #19

OMG! you sure are good man! keep it up! :slight_smile: