Residential Blender Study – Alternate & Night Renderings



Very excited about 2.92 just coming out!!! So I will go ahead and post this including below “as is” before I start playing with it…

This is a quick alternate of my second Blender Study, a residential tower based on a test fit for a Midtown site. What made making this alternate so quick and easy was using Tissue for the building skin. 95% of the building skin consists of the repetition and/or face rotation of only 10 wall panel types. I only had to revise five building panels in this alternate in order to achieve a very different building look. I also made some massing revisions to two of the floor types (which automatically updated all the linked “empty” copies). The residential levels consist of four level types which are parented and instanced copies and then stacked in a non-repetitive pattern. I also updated the semi-transparent garage screens and the sculptural element above the entrance lobby, going for a “mini NY Times Square” look.

One thing I am excited about is that I recently figured out how to do “bloom” in Cycles, (something that still isn’t available in Lumion). Even better once I started looking into the compositor I also discovered the “Open Image Denoiser” and “Branched Path Tracing” which both reduced my render times and improved the render denoising. FYI many of the renders I have shown (or will be showing) here have taken as much as four hours to render even with my Ryzen 7 2700x / RTX 2070 Super 8GB desktop using CUDA Compute. Optix hasn’t worked in my system. I skipped 2.91 because I read render times actually became worse and have been anxiously waiting for the 2.92 Cycles improvements.

Please visit my Facebook “Architectural Blender Studies” page ( Architectural Blender Studies | Facebook ) to see a preview of some of my other studies I plan to post here in the near future. Any follows or likes would be appreciated!


Nice to see some architectural studies :wink:

Thanks for all your videos, they are a great help!

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Would you take a look at my comments posted on “support / blender artists website support / galleries are missing on some subcategories” and see if you agree with my comment? I really think that reducing the visibility of work by beginner or intermediate fans will in the long term negatively affect the increase / rise in new Blender users of this forum and potentially Blender itself.
Yes, the sky is not falling, yet. :wink:
You and “The CG Essentials” are the only Blender Architecture YouTube channels for example. More architecture Blender users would be better but is still a long way off in my opinion. If you agree I think the Forum would pay a lot more attention to your opinion than they will to mine.