Residential Building

Hello everybody,

Here is a commercial work I would like to share and highlight the unusual Blender workflow.

This was a preliminary study proposal for a building. We had only one week to concept, design and make the final images to show to the client. The building itself was modeled in ArchiCAD, and had all the interiors detailed in a functional floor plan.
The blue panels with triangles were all generated in Rhino’s Grasshopper, as a first approach to the parametric design thinking in our office. I tried to do something in Blender Svershock, but I don’t got the logic of the data lists and trees structures of it yet.

Only in the last day I imported the building model to Blender in OBJ format, and started to work on the materials, adding vegetation and lightning everything. Cycles denoiser and this render batch plugin saved my life here.

I know there’s a lot to improve, but since I spent only a few hours working on it in Blender, I am really impressed how fast and easy can be the Archicad-Blender workflow.

Here are some more few images. More at

It is great to see Blender in use here in Brazil where mostly Sketchup is the standard.

Só por curiosidade, que tipo de material seria esse preto que está no parapeito e etc.?

Yes! Blender is my passion since I discovered it back in 2006, but only now I managed to integrate it to my professional workflow.
All the materials in this scene are the new Principled BSDF shader.

Você se refere aos materiais reais ou do Blender? Na real seria tudo em aço, mas eles são azuis e não pretos!


Ah sim, me referia ao nome ‘comercial’ dele rs