Residential House Completed

My latest project is complete – A Residential House. I used the floor plan, elevations and techniques outlined by Lech Sokolowski in his “Master Arch Vis” tutorial in the The 3D Art & Design Book Vol 2.

With “Tricycle with Armature” model by zelozelos
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Downloaded from

looks like it needs a few things but this is great

The tricycle looks half-burried… You should be able to see the seat and the second rear wheel.

Thanks. Yeah, the grass is a little deep.

Thanks. What stands out as missing to you?

Here’s a very slightly updated version. Added a touch of Chromatic Aberration.

I love the bike! The chairs were a great addition, but it looks like the leaves near the left hand window are a little… eh… but hey if that were fixed I would love to look at this even longer!

Thanks! Are you talking about the ones from the tree behind the house and up against the wall? There is a branch there, though maybe not so obvious. Or is that not it?