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Hey JulianS! Thanks for your nice comment! Hehe the cave is probably the hardest part of the entire project… that’s why it will be saved for last :sweat_smile:

Regarding the size of the houses it may be due they be on sticks, They are all 1.5 meters above the ground, this is to allow for the sand to flow through the houses and also as fail safe in case the water level gets too high :smile:

I’m not following any specific style… back on 2009/2010 these houses were based on real ones near my home (that are also on sticks), but then I gave full creative liberty to Mr. Daniel Thiele (I only mentioned him that they needed to be on sticks) when he made the re-stilling. Their final appearance came from my wife that, wile modeling, them added the details and shapes that eventually become what they are now :smiley: She googled a lot for historical houses from the north of Europe for inspiration.
…it’s a continuous evolution game that I feel to have very little control off hehe.

Hehe… I had to google for “The Whispered W.O.S.” somehow I never had heard of it, but it does have a nice style :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards

A few days ago I’ve found, lost in a pile of paper, the original leaf were, back in 2009, I’ve sketched the very first ideas for Resilience Satelle.

This project as been evolving in a way I could never imagined in the beginning.
One of the things that changed the most was definitely Moget, that went from a turnip head character to the more pleasant dude we see today:

Needless to say, his name comes from “Moving Target” and that is because the story initially was Very different :sweat_smile: I told it one day to a friend and she way miss understood all the idea, so I’ve discarded it and wrote another one from zero, using the same characters… and it become what it is today.

But Moget isn’t even the worst… :disappointed_relieved: lol … that bacteria kind of thing , that you see on top left side… I have 99% sure that is actually the first idea for Shar:

Close to the first leaf I’ve found the second:

Noam design came a bit later (the idea of the scarfs was one of the first additions to him), by the time that Shar also was looking significantly better!
You may already have seen it, with this design, as he made a short appearance in here (at 2:09):

Also note that, by this time, the title of the short was supposed to be “Moget” :face_with_monocle:
Eventually Noam became how we know him now:

Wish you guys a great Sunday! Thanks for keeping an eye on the project!
See you on Monday!

Hi rogper, what an ambitious and amazing project, really love all the updates, very inspiring. Please keep the updates coming!

Hey Bjarga, thank you very much! :smiley: No worries, for every progress shall be an update until the very last day.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Hello guys!

Here is the fully modeled rowboat. For me it was an adventure, since it was the first time I made a boat. I have some difficulties modeling rounded objects, but it was an interesting experience.
This is the result of several reference searches in conjunction with my imagination.
Tomorrow I will start to texturize!

Feel free to comment. You are always welcome!

Best regards,
Rute Perdiz


Hello guys!

Today I bring you the row boat fully finished and placed on the scene.
I started a new boat design with sail and oars.
I saw this form when I was searching the net about this type of boats. I liked one in particular, but I didn’t want to do it the same, I just removed the general form and outlined my version. The drawing that comes is my version in draft.
It is not being very easy to model because it is quite round, but I will get there.

Hope you like it!
Best regards,
Rute Perdiz


Hello Friends!

My wife asked me to publish this update in her name due the 3 consecutive posts limitation that prevented her to do so herself:

I’ll be writing from memory, so it ain’t exactly her words, but she said that she has continued modeling the boat that she started yesterday. The boat has proven to be a bit more difficult than she expected (mostly due to it round shapes) so it as been quite an adventure for her…

:face_with_monocle: If you ask me it looks great! :star_struck: Awesome work! :kissing_heart:

Ho Ho! Eevee Panoramic Rendering, including stereo support, has been placed on the “to do” list:


Hello guys!

Today I bring you the boat almost modeled.
Tomorrow I hope to start with his texturing.
I put a Dreamcatcher, which is not finished yet, which based on some references I was able to draw a sketch.
The boat’s sail was also a little difficult to fit but in the end it was all right.

Hope you like it!
Best regards,
Rute Perdiz


Awesome attention to detail! You guys are very productive on this project! New things almost everyday. :smiley:

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Hello ArtAvenue,
Thanks! Rute_Perdiz already left the workstation for today but I’ve mentioned to her your comment!
She is working full time on Resilience Satelle. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s our goal indeed to keep posting daily for as long we can :cowboy_hat_face:

Awesome! I can’t wait to see what this project looks like in the coming Months! :wink:

I have a big project myself I’m working on, wish I was a little more productive on it so I could start sharing about it similar to what you guys are doing now. Just isn’t quite ready yet. :laughing:

Trough the years I think I’ve determined the main 3 things required to make something:
1st - One needs to want to make it (for real, in the heart and soul);
2nd - It’s required to believe that can actually do it;
3rd - Start it :wink:

I consider that sharing the progress is a great way to get something done :slight_smile:
I’ll keep an eye on your project as soon you share it.

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1st - I definitely have my heart and soul put into the project, no doubt. :slightly_smiling_face:
2nd - I can do it… I just don’t know how long it will take, a year? two years? Five years? Nah it could be done in two years… Hopefully.
3rd - I have started, I just, once again, don’t know how long it’s gonna take!

Once I’m confident in the story, And I know I’m not making any major changes, I’ll definitely share it!

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:sweat_smile: We are in the same boat hehe.

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Hello guys!

Today I bring you the second boat finished.
It was quite complicated but the result is perfect.
We opted to put bamboo rods to try and it was cute.
The dreamcatcher is made of wood, rope and shiny pebbles.

Monday I will start a new one!

Hope you like it!
Best regards,
Rute Perdiz

P.S-I want to thank all the comments, which always encourage us to improve and continue … thank you :slight_smile:


Hello Friends!
And we reached the end of another month! Hope you guys had great times! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve just loaded the Dreamcatcher boat to the scene:

Noam is already giving it a look :yum:

Meanwhile more and more textures are getting the painting treatment:

I’ve just now completed the moss and brown wood.

Wish everyone a great Sunday!
Until Monday!


Hello guys!

Today I bring you one more boat to compose the scene. This time is a sailing boat.
Tomorrow I will try to detail more and finish the modeling.

Hope you like it!
Best regards,
Rute Perdiz


Beautifull work, modeling, inspiration and project of course.
It’s also really sweet to share your project in such a nice way.

Am trying to find things to dislike hopefully there was some uggly recovered sketchs earlier in the thread :heart_eyes_cat:

I also must confess i did not resist to downlad the first pic of the second released beautifull boat !

So this is planned to be worldwide broadcasted in 2059 or 2069 ?

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Yeah! …Hopefully sooner than that :sweat_smile: but I don’t want to disappoint anyone so it’s better keep it 2059… just to be in the safe side :wink:

I must confess too that it’s a very heartwarming comment you’ve just made! Thank you!
We’re very glad that you are enjoying the project and above all our Quest! :smiley: