Resilience Satelle | r.i.c.e

Hello guys!

Today I started a new building.
It will be a fish shop.
I have only managed to detail the roofs but the basic structure will be as you see.
Monday, I will advance some more details.

Hope you like it!
Best regards,
Rute Perdiz

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Right! How do you do a material that makes 4 different objects look like hundreds of different objects :face_with_raised_eyebrow: …And those objects need to go from red to green in a smooth gradient :thinking: Ho and the objects are actually Empties, not real geometry.
…Well I don’t know how you would do it (surely in an easier way than me) but I made it happen :grinning:

All these objects have only one material. There’s actually only the 4 objects mentioned yesterday, all of them are duplicates.
I’ve also been improving the cave, so it becomes safe to film from the towns and the cave feels like one.

Of course that this in render mode without baking the Global illumination is not perfect, but it’s not bad either:

See you on Monday! Have a great Sunday!

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