Resistance is Futile ...Not what you think

I had this posted in WIP, but now I think that it’s finished.

I am a chemist for a global paint supplier. I need to measure the resistivity of my products to ensure that they will not allow electrical flow, otherwise there could be a fire (electrical resistance.). One of my products starts off okay and then doesn’t resist any more after it has been shipped to the customer. We’ve had this problem for years. It is very frustrating.

The phrase “Resistance is Futile” in a borg voice goes through my head when these problems arise.

Modeled in Blender 2.44 and rendered in Lux weekly Windows Build for November 19th.

Thanks for looking.

the puddle around the bottle looks too perfect but other than that its fantastic

what polymer are you using as a drying agent? As it ages…or is exposed to UV light…
Or it is an application issue, where they are thinning it out or not preparing the surface correctly.

That’s indeed a great viz used for scientific purposes, I’m so glad Blender does it again. Thanks for sharing this wonderful image of yours. :slight_smile:



And for PapaSmurf:

The mixture in question is a pure solvent blend used to clean paint application systems. We capture all the waste and recycle it. The mixture picks up polar components from the coating (cosolvents, catalysts, etc) and reduces the resistivity of the resulting reclaimed solvents. It is then very difficult to raise the resistivity once it has dropped.