Resize several objects at the same time by modifying numerically the size value.

Hello everyone,

this is my first message here. After 10 years spent far from any 3D software, I get back to Blender 3D. How convenient it is!

But even if most of the issues I meet are quite easily solved by searching on the web, I still did not find anything to help me for my current problem:

I wish to resize several objects at the same time, by modifying numerically the size value (in the “Transform” properties, under “Scale”). And don’t want to adjust it in a relative way (for instance by writing S and then 2 to make it twice bigger), but I wish to adjust the scale value in an absolute way, like to pass from size 0.7 to size 1.36 for instance).

If I select all my elements and if I try to modify the value in “Scale”, it only affects the last selected element.

Did you understand my problem? And if yes, can you help me?

Thank you very much!

Set your value in the Scale numeric field pressing Alt+Click (or alternatively Alt+Click and drag)
As for many other properties, Alt modifier key extends the interaction to all selected objects.

In the future (blender 2.8>) there will be no need to press Alt, since this behaviour will be the default. (I wonder if pressing Alt will fallback to “operate only on active object” though)

Wow, thank you very much for this quick help! It works perfectly.

You can set the pivot point to individual origin. S for scale will then scale them with out moving them apart.

Yes, thanks, I also discovered that. That is also very useful :slight_smile: