Resize the bounds container?

I have these two eye balls. One was duped from the other.

The dup has a correct bounds, however the original has an extended bounds all the was over to the the dup?

I have changed the bounds before, but cant remember how?:frowning:

Thank you

Search for “ititrx bounds” in the animation forum and you’ll find it’s been answered before. Make the object an Actor and change the Radius value.


Hmm, make it an actor? Ok, I did a search like you said and got: Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

I think when I asked before, it was under something to do with using a sticker on another object?

OH an actor in the game engine, lol.

updated: No, before I was able to scale the box boundry by grabbing it and scaling it…

Well why did that eyeball get such a big boundry anyway?


Anyhow, you can’t turn bounds into any other shape than the presets, and there’s no rectangle in the presets. So I suspect you’re looking at Texture Space which has dotted lines but your pic is too small to see. TexSpace can be scaled along axii, bounds can’t.




Strange . . .

Post the .blend, so that others can check it out.

Could you please upload the file?


Ok, its here

You have a stray vert hidden by the other eye.


woa, yer kidding me… that is weird, thank you very much for taking the time to look at it…