Resizing Blender window

(thatbrikwal) #1

Suppose I resize the window that blender opens in. Is there any way to keep this new window size every time blender is launched?

(theeth) #2

would this help you?


(cohort) #3

Once you find the command line options you like the best, you can place it into a startup script simply:


# filename: blendersmall
/usr/local/bin/blender -p <size_options> [email protected]

(can use any additional commandline params as desired like: ./blendersmall -a anim.blend)


Create a shortcut to blender, right-click, Properties.
Add params to "Target:".
To load a .blend file at startup, drop it onto the shortcut. 

(thatbrikwal) #4

when i use the parameters, blender does start unmaximized. However, no matter how much i change the parameters, blender always opens in a tiny square window at the absolute bottom left corner of the screen. This is what i have typed into the target box:

“C:\Program Files\BlenderPublisher\BlenderPublisher.exe” -p <100> <100> <1000> <750>

(cohort) #5

remove the <> - those are to indicate a required parameter.