resizing blueprints to exact dimensions

hi everyone,
i am modelling an urban area using a google map image wich i know pixel size, resolution etc as a bluprint

also i am using metric units to help when exporting to UE4 .

now, is there a way to scale a blueprint to match real dimensions ?
so when for example i make a plane as as street with a dimensions of (60m X 8m)
it match the blueprint .

hope i was clear :stuck_out_tongue:
any idea is welcome, thanks .

the map should have a line in the bottom corner illustrating how long a sertain distance is in real scale.

add an object in blender with this size, then resize the map to that object.

this was helpfull ,

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

It should be (Width of image in pixels / Length of section) * Length in Blender