Resizing Button Headers

I am quite new to blender, though i have been all over the web looking at others’ work, wanting to learn how to do it for myself. I am finally starting to learn how to use the interface. My problem is that the button headers of each window is cut off at the end. I know i can resize the actual window with + and -, but that doesn’t change the header. I would change the screen resolution from 800x600 to 1024x7?? or whatever the next one up is, but this isn’t my computer. I am using LInux (Mandrake), and can’t change it because i am not root, nor do i know the root password, and the computer’s owner likes it at this present size. So, knowing the Blender is highly customizable, i know there is a simple solution (or at least hope there is), but i can’t figure it out, nor find it on other websites.
Thank you in advance for anyhelp you can give.

I f you say that you can´t reach the rightmost window buttons, then try the following.

If you have a three button mouse, go to your buttons and press and hold the middle mouse button. Now you should be able to move them.

If you only have two buttons, then move the upper border of the 3d window a bit down, so you can see the Info-window (the “i” on top).

You´ll find a button there called “2 mouse”. Activate it. Now you can simulate the third button by pressing alt+leftmouse

hope this does the trick


awesome, it worked, thanks so much for the help, now i can happily blender again

don´t mention it

Sometimes I´d like to part the buttons, so that I can have two rows.
And sometimes I´d like to have a 19" screen.

so hang on, I promise you, Blender will get marvellous and miraculous after some time.

At least thats the way I experienced it.

haunt_house at your service