Resolution and Size

Hi, I’ve just started using blender about 2 weeks ago, but I am having some problems. I need to make a bigger size output for a 180 degree panoramic picture. Whenever I try to up the X and Y ratios it doesn’t make it panoramic anymore. I want to make it about 4 feet by 3 feet when I print it. I would also like to know how to give it a higher resolution or up the polygon count. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hallo :smiley:

In general, you can set the resolution by [Shift]+LMB to the SizeX and SizeY buttons in the DisplayButton window or use the presets on the right.

Your panorama problem is a bit tricky.
The outcome depends on camera lens angle, Xparts, SizeX.

For a 180 ° panorama with a viewing angle of 30 ° you would have to set Xparts to 6. Thats the easy part. It becomes complicated because the viewing angle is different from the camera lens angle (EditButtons (F9); camera selected). There is no linear dependency. The result is further influenced by SizeX.
To make it short, one would need a formula. %|

To become concrete.
1 ft is 12 inch ? (I’m not familiar with this strange units) %|
A reasonable resoution for a print of 4X3 ft would be min. 150 dpi.
Therfore you need a resolution of 7200 x 5400 pixel.

A set of settings would be:

Xparts = 48
SizeX = 7200/48 =150
SizeY = 5400 (Yparts doesn’t work for panorama)
Camera lens = 13,5

This is empirical.

Probably there are better settings. One has to try. %|