resolution of particles and ipos

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Here are two questions:

1.: How do I get a realistic line of particles between frames?

Example: I rotate a particle system 90 degrees between frame 2 and frame 3. I should get a bow of particles, but I get a straight line. Is there a parameter to fix that? ‘keys’ does not work for this.

2.: Is there a way to increase the resolution of ipo curves? kind of the same problem.

thanks in advance


(theeth) #2

isn’t that a bit too fast to notice, 90 degrees in 1 frame? Anyway, it’s never too good to do 90 degrees rotation in one step since these can create irregularities in the final rotation motion (it’s a problem with Euler angles, not Blender)

like the ResU parameter for beziers you mean?
no, there’s no way to do that, but since beziers are mathematical curves, I’m pretty sure the final product is not calculated from the broken lines visible in the IPO window.


(haunt_house) #3

90 degrees in one frame do not matter. Tried it with 5 frames, no change. I added an example with a path animation above and as you can see, it is the same. The positions of the particles are not taken from the position of the emitter. There is a solution for it, but I do not know how.


(theeth) #4

I don’t think there’s a solution for that as the problem lies directly in the way Blender calculates its particles.


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I SAW :o someone solve it. Problem:he couldn’t explain how

one solution would be to multiply all values concerning the animation by let’s say four, and then correct that through map old,map new. But maybe there’s a better way.