Resolution question

Hi All, I was wondering how the resolution works for Blender? Is there a limit to the render size?

I ask because I am a graphic designer in the sign industry and I have an idea for some wall graphics. The thing is, they’re wall graphics! lol So I need the file to be 10800 pixels x 10800 pixels. This gives me a 6ft x 6ft image @ 150dpi. Is this possible in Blender?

Hi, there is no limit for resolution except your system or GPU ram.

Cheers, mib

You can render to anything your system can handle. I try rendering to that size (or closer to it) on occasion. Just keep in mind that, depending on the complexity of your scene and capabilities of your machine, it can take significantly longer to render at that size. Especially with Cycles.

You can always use a render service like Render Street.

Great. Thanks guys. I definitely need a new computer…bah.