Resolutions and Dominoes

Ello everyone and happy revolution of the Earth around the sun!! :smiley:
My resolution for this revolution is to encompass Blender into my daily schedule!
And why not start today!
As my first “scene”, I created some dominoes. My goal is to see if I can replicate an image I found on Google. Mainly with lighting and reflections.

This is a test render of what I have created so far. I’ve modeled the dominoes and played with the materials on the Dominoes themselves and the textured “floor”.
I would like to know two things:
1: How can I improve the reflections on the surface? (I may end up finding a new texture instead of the wood)
2: Is there a way create a Depth of Field in Cycles?

It looks good for now. :slight_smile:
Im not sure you mean by improving the reflections. Just play with the settings until you get what you want I suppose. To create dof, select the camera> camera panel>set the distance (for your object in focus)> Aperture > and play with the size. (it depends how big your scene is "higher values give more defocus") Check [this]( site for quality textures. I dont get the first part with the revolution and resolution. Hehe
Anyways Good luck with that.

Wow I can’t believe I overlooked the “Depth of Field” menu. :smiley: Thank you though!!

Changed it a tad bit.
And the revolution and resolution is my complicated way of saying Happy New Year :eyebrowlift: You know cause a year is one revolution of the Earth around the sun.

lol. Okay than, Happy new year to you too than.
It looks better now. Dof really makes the difference.