[Resolved]Accessoires Don't Follow Character's Body

I have just began learning and trying rigging, so most probably I am missing something very basic here… My character is wearing some clothes and ornaments, which are parented to the character’s body. Character’s body is parented to the rig. I find that my rig moves my character’s body, but not its clothes and ornaments. I also tried to parent ornaments and clothes to the rig itself, but they change locations in weird ways, even though all transforms are applied to them. Any help is much appreciated.

How did you make the clothes? Did you just model them and place them on the character or did you simulate them with cloth physics?

If they aren’t simulated you need to parent them to the rig with proper weights.
shift select all the clothes and then select the rig last. press CTRL+P and select “with automatic weights”. That should make them animate with the rig.

If you want to use cloth physics, make sure the clothes are unparented(ALT+P to remove parent), then add a cloth modifier to the clothes and a collision modifier to the characters body in the physics tab.

Make sure that that the ‘armature’ modifier is at the top of the modifier stack for the character. If the collision modifier is on top, the cloth physics wont match the animation from the armature.

If you find that the clothes aren’t animating realistically, it probably means they dont have enough geometry, so add a multiresolution modifier to them and subdivide.

Make sure the multires modifier is on top of the cloth modifier for all the clothing so the physics are calculated after the subdivisions are added

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@Skleembof Thank you very much for the detailed info.

At the moment my clothes are just modeled. I tried a few things based on your instructions, and I guess my mistake was that I was trying to parent the clothes to the body mesh instead of the armature. Once I parented them to the armature, and also put the armature modifier on top, everything started moving :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the tips on the cloth simulations and modifier stacks, I’m sure it will be very useful for me in the future.

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