[Resolved] Fire size does not match in preview and render

Working in Blender 2.91

Preview shows much bigger flames than render, both in Cycles and Eevee. I have increased the smoke domain to a very large size, but the flames don’t seem to get much bigger.

Below are the screenshots. I am unable to share the .blend file at the moment, as this is a joint project in progress. But I have shared the physics tab and shader screenshots.

Preview, fire filling the whole camera view and far beyond:

Render in Cycles, only a small fire around the emitting object:

Render in Eeevee, fire is bigger, but still nowhere close the preview:

Physics tab settings for emitter:

Physics tab settings for smoke domain:

Smoke domain shader:

I seem to have found my problem, and it was in the shader. I added some more nodes according to the example given here by @miketche:

Now the size of fire in the render appears to be adequate according to the preview:



Hope this will help someone else to resolve their fire issues! :wink: