(Resolved in latest build) Just a heads up before downloading the latest 2.8 build (558017d6a644)

Latest build will crash upon open any file where you had saved with your generated rig unhidden.

No resolution… opening file in previous version and hiding the rig will allow you to open file in latest version, BUT after unhiding rig Blender will immediately crash again.
This is only producible on Windows since this build version isn’t up on the Mac area yet.

Reported bug on Blender.org

Update You can unhide your generated rig if you have your Viewport overlays disabled. I assume this is related to that since the Viewport overlay functions have been kinda wonky these last couple of builds.


Latest build for Windows (2.80 f877022956df) resolved this issue!
Fist bump to the developers, y’all are getting after it! :grinning: