(Resources) For TV Broadcasting ?

I’ve been invited to do a video for a band, I have some experience in projects that had been transmited at TV, but, never done a full project by myself for broadcast.

So, what I’m asking, is some links, personal sugestions, etc, so I can do my best with I have, or what I can get. I mean, “tv broadcast safe color”, how to deliver my work ( DvCam? BetaCam? Dvd?), audio (music, will be mixed again and mastered; This is something I understand and can handle hehe ), Testing color (Monitor vs Tv ) and ways to do it! Etc

All sugestions are apreciated!

Thanks for your time!

if it’s for broadcast, ask which station it will be broadcast on - then check what tape stock they prefer.

Colour temperature for broadcast: Not sure where to go for this in Blender, but you could find the limits for luma/chroma (not sure if it differs between pal and ntsc) online, then somehow program an output monitor for the sequencer?? failing that, depending on your budget, you can pick up hardware broadcast monitors at auction fairly cheaply, and production premium cs3(4?) will set you back about £1700 - which is a bargain IMO for what you can acheive with it.

digital betacam has become the standard - outside of “dubsat” , “adstream” (austalia) which deliver mpg2 that you can upload from your pc. The band I am sure would prefer a hard copy, Digital BetaCam would be your best option.
Colours, not sure I can help there…just avoid lots of chroma as it tends to bleed.