respawn - help with astrolooter

Hi, I making my second project, after coptercave, however…
I decided to not restart the whole scene then you crash into a wall and die, I going to give you about 3 lifes, without restart the backgroundmusic and control the counts with lifes and stuff, I want allow the “looter”, ( the flying spacecraft ) of urs respawn at a positon after a crash of 3 before a gameover-screen.

The problem is now follow, I don´t know how to respawn it on proper way. Plz anyone, explain to me to do this on best way.

I began with a “empty”, renamed “spawnpoint”, how can I move/teleport the looter to it.
I guess this would be a pretty simple task, but I´m stuck anyway…:frowning:


However, the thing to “kill” the old object and create a new one may could be a problem for me, I parented the camera and some other stuff on the object, it would be most easiest way to teleport/direcly move the object to a location, plz… want help with this… logic or python, doesn´t matter so much, but I use alot of logicbricks already, so I dont wanna trash that up to much.

you could just use setPosition in python, for example:

when (death_event_happens):

or, if you don’t need the spawn location to change from level to level, you could include the spawn points coordinates in the script (IE owner.setPosition(0,0,0))

or, avoiding python, you could use IPOs to set the player’s position where you want it, and when the death event happens, have the IPO logic brick, set to frame one, run once.

that help?

thx Captain, I tried the IPO one time, but I retried it and it´s works fine, so I took it, works good for me.