Respect your mods and the admin.

Lately i’ve seen several threads deleted or closed then posted again. it’s sad that we have people that disrespect the mods that much.

Please folks, let’s start respecting these folks.

and with the many spam threads and posts i’ve seen latley, it makes me mad. it costs kib money to have all those spams out there. the server costs money and filling it with spam does us no good.

So please folks let’s start respecting the boards and the mods.

I know what you mean. I was in a bad mood last night and went b!t<H!ng about some of the spam threads. Also, Kib is working on other projects than just the Elysiun forums. So he does not have to time to babysit. These things also cost money. And don’t forget that when he backs it up, it also costs Elysiun downtime to backup a bunch of pointless threads.

Currently this IS THE Blender community forums. So what people see on here will be what gives them the impression of the Blender community. It’s not like this is just some dark alley in which no one will ever see. THOUSANDS of people see this forum. There is also a difference between spam threads, and long debate threads. Debate threads every now and then are a healthy thing in the community. It allows people to share viewpoints and opinions, and keeps us together. However, in a spam thread, there is no viewpoint, no opinon, only meaningless junk that simply has no purpose.

I might as well put half a cent in. Not that it’s worth that much. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you guys for uplifting comments. :slight_smile: Being a moderator at several large, and I mean large places, it’s hard to keep everybody under control. IMO, we shouldn’t have to but we do. So, whoever did/does this (and I know who you are :P), please think twice about it. Kib is paying for this bandwidth (though I’m sure he is happy to :)) so please use it wisely and help this community grow. :slight_smile:

lately? funny everyone just woke up yesterday and saw spam. what do you think the whole off-topic board has been since it’s conception. if you don’t want spam don’t give it a home. i to run boards (whips out golden award of achievement) and don’t tolorate ignorance. stop it in it’s tracks and guess what? you save money and keep the community thriving. people are given far too many opportunities.

Hi acasto,

This time i have to agree with you ,… well said :))
Thank you!


I do not disagree with your points here, but I have an objection…

Just because some situation went completely out of control, that doesn’t mean that the whole community lost it’s gravity!!!

And there is a whole big difference between, being funny and being a spammer!!!

And good humor, is a sign of civilization. So If some outsider reads the posts here, he will want to join us if, among with the long debate Threads (which are also necessary…) he/she sees some good humor also…

A few months ago, there were some posts concerning Game banning in Greece (I don’t know if some of you remember this incident…). And a lot of you were annoyed by the stupidity of this action… Should elysiun bann humor as well???

And I think we need some fun here. I am not asking from you to completely agree with me, but could we please all do our best to keep some balance???

Anyway, that’s just my opinion…



i am addressing the whole community, asking them to not do this kind of thing in the future, and i am asking the community as a whole to not tolerate behaviour like this in the future.

well put gentleman! for a better tomorrow

And I say, I 'm with you on that. Just wanted to make clear that there is a distinction between Fun and Spam!!!

There’s always a possibility that there are some people who can’t see this thin red line between humor and intentional abuse!!! And I surelly wouldn’t like to have some kind of “witch hunt” here on elysiun. My comments were aiming at this direction…

So I’ll rephrase it, to make myself more clear:

Please respect the forum, the mods and the admin. Do not do this kind of thing in the future or tolerate such behavior, from others!!! But please stay calm and above all, don’t loose your humor. Help to keep a balance here…

I wish everybody agree on that…