Response (& Something else) Assistance Needed

Hello Again! (I seriously thought I didn’t need any more help with this…)

OK I have a quick little game in the works for a project and I have ran into situations I do not know how to solve.

1st of all: Is there a way that I can make the game react differently to certain objects? I’m kind of making a quiz sort of game in which the player sees a question and has to push the cube or sphere with the correct answer off the platform in order to proceed to the next question, so what I’m asking is how would I be able to create different responses to each cube or sphere that is pushed off?
Note: I’ve watched Blender Cookie’s 2 part series with the game engine and saw how he used another plane below the original platform to have objects teleport back to where they were; I’m not sure if that would shed some light on anything.
Of course I’m just looking for a star to shoot up for the correct answer and a x (or something) for the wrong one. What I’m also kind of going for is when the correct answer is pushed, the next set of questions and answers would fall onto the main “standing area” (I guess you could say). For the final question however, I’m looking for a trophy or something to fall which teleports the player back to the main screen.

Oh and another thing: How do I save the game and get it to work with my cut scene?

I know that’s a lot to understand, but I hope that maybe someone could (possibly) direct me to a tutorial of some sort (videos always helps).

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

I suggest to look for “dialog”. You method uses a different UI. The control part (and the model) of the dialog is the same.

And yes, Python can help a lot.

Edit: you can also validate the conditions in a static way. E.g. when 3 blue cubes are on platform 4 = win.

Thanks for that part, but (let me rephrase this) what I mean by the response kind of deal is I want to know how I can, let’s say, push a block off the platform then a star shoots up from below letting the player know he did the right thing.

If you already explained that then I’m sorry. I’m new to the Blender Game Engine (and pretty much Blender in general) so I don’t understand a lot of the terms and drivers and such.

Is it the push or
is it the fact there is no block is on the platform or
Is it the block is somwhere else rather than the platform
you are looking for?

Think about what the “good” condition is and how to measure it (it does not need to be complex). Then let the sensors measuring this event trigger the feedback/ reaction activity.

Example: cube is not colliding with platfrorm for more then a second -> send a message “good choice”.

Feedback: on message “good choice” -> add a star