respower and particules

Hello. I ve just finished a project and it s time to render. I chose respower cause it s cheap guys seems to be nice and it work fine. except that i cant figure out how to render particules! and all the project is based on particules effects.
So did someone already find how to export correctly blender cache and what are the settings to get particules works properly?
I m in the hurry and i suppose that i will not get support tomorow…

hi dagobert,

did you ever get a resolution for the particles issues with respower? I am also having similar issues?

Thanks in advance


Just have them do it, they are charging you the $40 euro setup fee aren’t they? Have the tech bake your particles before the render.


Not sure who you have mistaken them for, but Respower do not charge any kind of setup fee.

I have mailed Respower and they are not sure if there is a problme with me using Blender 2.49a and they only support up to 2.49 rendering, or if there are problems with the job. They are looking into it, and I will post back when I hear something.

Dagobert - in case you are unsure of the proper procedure (which should work if you are using 2.48 or below) is as follows:

  1. You need to bake the particles in Blender prior to exporting to the render farm.
  2. This will create a blendcahce folder with the same name as the blend file in the same folder.
  3. Zip this blendcache folder up and you can also inlcude the blend file.
  4. FTP the zipped file, and the extra blend file if you did not include it in the zip
  5. IOnce uploaded login to Respower
  6. If the blend file is included in the zip, you will need to select the Unpack option to unpack it into the source folder (Ignore this step if you uploaded the blend seperately)
  7. Go through the render wizard as normal, however in the Super/Cahce option you will need to select the Zip file you uploaded.
  8. All being well, the file should then be rendered with the particles intact

Hope this is of some use - it is quite late aso i hope I have explained it clearly enough. As I say though, I have an outstanding query on particles not rendering properly and I will update when I hear more.

Have Fun!!!



I am still having issues with particles at Respower - which is a real shame as they have been otherwise fantastic to deal with!

Has anyone else managed to render them successfully recently? I have even tried in older versions of Blender and not had much success, they seem to think it is an issue with Blender itself (the newer versions) and there tech support seem to suggest that other users are rendering particles ok.

So if you have had success, can you let me know as it is driving me to distraction and I am now nearing a time limit with 6, 1500 frame, files to produce which take about 1 min per frame on my home pc!