ResPower: Particles Broken for 2.49a & 2.49b

According to ResPower’s support staff, their render farm versions 2.49a and 2.49b do not support particles.

I sent an animated particles scene (v2.49b) to be rendered on their farm on 6/15 and found that the particle systems weren’t rendering. I logged a support call that day and was informed a couple days later that a fix would be available in a day or two.

It’s now 6/28 and, according to their support guys, the developers are still “working on it.” I have not been able to get an estimated date for the fix.

Just a heads-up for anyone counting on using ResPower to render a scene using particles any time soon.

I used ResPower, incredibly expensive.

When I used them, there was a 40 Euro setup fee for every Blender render because, basically they had to do it by hand. It was not automated.

Not worth it for me.


I’ve used them for a couple of years now and am actually very happy with the price. They even have cheaper prices for Blender scenes versus the other 3D packages. There is no per-scene “set-up” fee, as you suggest. You pay for a one-month block of time and you can render as many scenes as you want during that time.

Their support is usually very good and their automated scene submittal and render retrieval is easy to use. I’m just a little unhappy with their apparent inability to get particles working correctly after telling me it would be fixed in a couple of days.

Maybe Blender users aren’t very high on their priority list any more. This would be a shame, because the only other commercial farms available to us are RebusFarm and GreenButton. Between those, the only one I’ve had good luck with is GreenButton.

That be peculiar, I have alway used respower to my full satisfaction.
In fact, I think it saved my ass a couple of times…
EUR 125 for a full month unlimited use ?
Does not sound expensive to me though.