Ressting transformations

I have a scene I scaled and some of the objects,
even though I nuked the keys(selected everything went to the NLA nuked the keys at once) and re keyed them(while selected grabbed them but did not move them).
I played the animation some of the objects moved some didn’t and I’m lost.

Now I used Maya but this is what I used to do however I’m not sure how to apply it in Blender.

I’d like to select all the objects and make the objects transforms “normal”.
Like instead of 10,20,10 it would reset the transform to 0,0,0 even though the object is where I transformed them to.
I’m just trying to keep things from moving when I play back my animation,only thing that is animated is a character rig that is totally fine.
I apologize for my simplistic questions that are super newbie grade :frowning:

Not real sure what you mean. But maybe something on these pages will help: