Rest position into walkcycle?

Hi I have followed a tutorial and I have a nice enough walkcycle for my character, but the start and finish frames are set halfway through his step. I want him to go from a rest position back into a rest position when he finishes walking.

Any ideas?

This is an excellent topic. Generally, all tutorials on walkcycles do not approach the possibility of starting and ending the walkcycle in a rest position. What I recomend in this case is for you to analyse yourself doing that and try to reproduce it with key-frames in Blender. Film yourself going from a rest position to a walk and back to rest position. Then analyse and try to achieve the key-frames.

Thanks for help. This is a good idea. My only concern is it will have to loop so it will go rest walk rest walk rest walk, the tricky part is making it seamless.

It is definitely challenging, but that’s animation at its best. In this case, you should not initially worry about the animation having to go exactly to the end rest position. Just try to memorize the rest position and use aproximations, making it feel natural, and when you feel it’s pretty close, then copy the start frames to the end.

Yes your right. I will have to think hard and should be able to come up with a suitable walkcycle for my character.:yes:

Thanks for the help

You may as well use blending on the action actuator. Add a rest action and put it on priority 2, then your walk cycle on priority 0, add some blending. After the walk animation is ended, it blends into the rest one, rending it seamless, now play with the frames and priorities to perfect it!

Wow, can you explain that better? Action actuator? You got me interested. Can you elaborate a bit more on all that?

If you look closely at the action actuator, you can see the options…
In my example, the always is attached to an idle animation. the first animation blends to that one after is played.


Can you post a .blend?

Claro, mas animacao eh bem basica!

Sure but animations are very simple…


action.blend (129 KB)

Muito interessante, tenho que experimentar agora com um walkcycle porque este tipo de abordagem nunca me ocorreu. Obg. :slight_smile:

Very interesting, I have to try with a walkcycle cause this type of approach never occured to me. Thanks.

Sem problemas meu!

No problems dude!