restart game & the 'not so invisible' plane problem

Evening all!

I am making a simple game for a psychology experiment. I would like this game to run 25 times for each trial. The spaceship is sitting on an invisible plane and players just have to move toward the brick when it appears. So, everything works fine so far except after two or three restarts the ‘invisible’ plane turns white! I’ve tried setting the face invisible, setting it to ‘one sided’ then flipping the face, and I’ve also tried uv mapping an alpha .png. All of these techniques turn the plane invisible but after two or three trials it reappears as white.

any ideas?

make sure your plane is invisible, save your stuff, close blender ,reopen blender(with your file obviously), then press P,
when it’ll restart it should stay invis.

Thanks Mico, but it didn’t quite work…

I’m working between a dual core mac and a quad core ubuntu linux box. Now on the linux box the plane still turns white but on the mac after two restarts it just crashes. Right before it crashes the console says something about a memory error, so I think it might be a bug…

I’m thinking maybe I’ll try without the restart since everything else is working as expected. The project i am working on involves live subjects hooked up to an EEG machine so I want to make sure the game is as simple and bug free as possible!

Thanks for your advice Mico, if you or anyone else has any suggestions I’d be happy to hear them!

ahh you must be using 2.45, it has a lot of memory leak bugs, update to 2.46

It’s a mac!

As opposed to dead subjects?

This sounds like an interesting experiment. Good Luck! (and by the way, I have no idea why these problems are happening).

probably the memory leaks, blender 2.45 + the same scene played a lot of times = death


I think you hit it on the head. I started developing a few months ago in 2.45 and never upgraded! That will be the first thing I do when I get home!


“Its a mac” ha ha ha! I’m also using the newest version of ubuntu (handy heron) and as much as I love ubuntu this latest release hasn’t been as friendly…

Ha, and yes my subjects will be (a)live and in person as opposed to at a remote location or dead! I want to look at subjects’ brain signals while they play this very simple game. After controlling the game with the keyboard I want the subjects to ‘imagine’ making the same responses. Then I want to use AI to explore similarities between the physical response and the imagined response! Maybe then sony will think I’m cool enough to work on the PS4!

Thanks for the help gentlemen and I will let you know how it goes!

i know ur probably joking but playstation games cant be made with blender, i know u probably r joking but its hard to recognize jokes in text.

lol, that was not that hard, lips, read carefully; he said that SONY would call HIM to develop the Play Station 4 CONSOLE

oh lol…