Restart Object

I have object 1 that Ends upon impact and hitting the space bar with object 2. When it disappears, i want object 2 to play an ipo. Then, i want object 1 to return when i hit the space bar. how do i do this? i was thinking i could write a python script that would cause object 2 to be effected when object 1 ends in the actuator function…but i don’t know how…any ideas? thanks!

How are this think well ?
Easy the question: in of actuator click on add object from empty for restart more propertys. IMHO

i’m having a hard time understanding your english, sorry…i get the main jist of it and thank you, but i do not quite understand how to make what i want to happen…can anybody help?

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Roughly translated: give an AddObject actuator to an empty that Adds object1.

To only add every other spacebar press, you’d need some property controls.

how do i go about the property controls?