Restart this game?


I’ve got an object set up to trigger a Restart This Game actuator when it gets touched. So it’s got a Touch sensor and indeed it starts right back up when it gets touched. The first time. After that, the Touch sensor seems not to respond. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I want the Touch sensor to work every time the object gets touched, not just the first time.



Nevermind. Got it. I was using a “game” actuator and it should have been a “scene” actuator.

use colllide rather than touch…
the game restart works too …

Thanks. But it seems that if I use collide, I have to hit the object’s center… is this right? I’m actually using a big, wide plane and I want to restart any time an object touches it anywhere. But touch seems to be working fine now.

If you use collide, the object (in your case, a plane) that you want to collide with needs a property (logic buttons -> add property). Enter that property name into the text field of your collide sensor. This is a more reliable method.

Ok. Thanks!