Restarting "The Overseers" Game

Hello to whom is reading,

My goal is to make single player games fun again. So that being said I need help from you. I would love to put a team together, but I woke from my dream. Lets get started shall we? My game takes place in the future. I need a future style armor for the main character. the end. 

Ok in all seriousness the model doesn't have to be textured. there has to be a low poly, if its a high poly. and last but not least this game is going to be free so we will not be getting paid for our work. You will get full credit for your work and even a link to your email or website, or both, if your heart desires. Please contact me via this post if you are interested. Hope to hear from you. Good day.

See attachment for a simple skirt I created. Accessories can be added, like sward.
Sorry, this is mesh only. I am trying to learn material. What improvements would you like?
skirt1.blend (439 KB)

how long you been working with blender?

According to my listed join date, almost two years. Maybe one hour per week.
My specialty is python, not gui.