Restaurant in forest

all made in blender

really nice!
i have seen like this render in octane render FB grope

Wow, I can almost smell your scene! Nice lighting.

wonderful job! Especially the morning light! :slight_smile:

Are u novice?

Am sceptical.

All made in Blender? All asset? Full workflow? Texturing? Rendering? Post?

Also from architects POV I tend to see the loss of experience, feelings… Am no fan of capitalism & quasi ‘modern minimalistic’ style that tends to disregard all before and as such prefers consumers & profit (first thought was: “A hunters paradise! A slaughterhouse in Serengeti! Butchers (tourists) Welcome!”) rather than good life values: love, quality, peace, balance, respect, aesthetics… thus making it beautiful.
Nothing fits in the environment. Also, have seen to many cubes all over. Architecture for the sake of building. Lack of ambience, human playful interactive presence…

Tho, somewhat i concur, if the essence & substance are taken away… it is nice visual representation.

thank you for all good comments.

Lovely model. Really love the ambience and style, lighting is fantastic.

Did you make those pine-trees yourself? They look perfect. I’ve been struggling to make some myself, and still have not succeeded.

Hey matelek, really nice mood in those renders. Congrats :slight_smile: