restaurant Prague - Expo 58

Well, this is my first architectural exterior rendering. It is a part of my semestral project for descriptive geometry.

It was a great challenge for me, as i’ve never tried to model something precise (machinery, cars, buildings…) before. Altough i’m a student of the architecture, i like modelling characters and organic things much more.

I wasn’t aiming for realism so the materials and the lighting are simple (i suck in lighting anyway…).

rendered in yafray

Looks quite… detailsless… or how ever its said… and therefore quite boring… Specially the roof looks like there should be ventilation systems or something?.. or cars or something on the yard?.. Though i am not sure what your goals here are …

Yeah it lacks the details, but on purpose. The task was to draw one building using various methods (monge, ortographic, perspective) + make 3D model. Because constructing the perspective is very hard and time consuming, i cutted off most of the details. So 3D model is rather 3D version of model i’d make from paper or something, than model of the original building itself.

here are the drawings to better understand what i mean:

Ah i see. Good work then.

Looks like a nice place to eat at. It’s good you remembered a ramp for disabled people. :^)

agreed, u r not aiming for realism, but a simple sky dome would not hurt…and its not difficult to set up either…as for lighting, i guess u hardly need anything more than a sun with AO enabled…precise model, materials are a tad bit dark for my liking though…not that it takes anything away from the model as such…good work.